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Update: Microsoft Office is coming to the iPad? Yes but no but…

Only earlier, Core Info reported on the possibility of Microsoft Office coming to the iPad after substantial evidence from The Daily. However, just like many rumours, this proved incorrect as The New York Times reports Microsoft issuing a statement that deny some of the claims made by The Daily but have not specified to which they have objected to. 

A Microsoft spokeswoman issued this statement: “The Daily story is based on inaccurate rumors and speculation. We have no further comment.”

This neither confirms nor denies that Microsoft are working on Office for iPad. The spokesperson also said that Microsoft are declining to comment on whether the company have produced such software and when it will be released. 

This is the second time a rumour has been circling around about the possibility of Microsoft Office for the iPad after an earlier rumour came about last November. Whilst we wait for the highly speculated application to arrive, there are some great free alternatives such as OnLive (US only) and CloudOn available currently. Both give great support for creating, viewing and editing documents within a Microsoft Office platform.